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Need a wedding savior or just a sidekick?

Either way, we've got you covered.

Day-of Wedding and Event Coordination

With unlimited email and phone support up until your wedding, a walk-through of each location a week before, and someone to print out, highlight, and file every contract and email should something come up on your wedding day, a day-of coordinator is the perfect solution for the bride and groom (or groom and groom, or bride and bride)  that wants to plan the event themselves, and then enjoy time with their guests the week-of while a coordinator executes all their hard work.  

From Friday night at 6pm through the early hours of Sunday morning, we're all yours. Whether you want us helping at the location you're getting ready or covering the church in rose petals, we will be your eyes and ears of wedding logistics so that you and your guests can enjoy your special day stress-free.

Day-of planners can help you with the big day-of things (coordinating vendor load-ins and directing them in floorplan setup) to the little things (setting out place cards, pinning on boutonnieres). 

For example:

​Out of champagne while getting your hair and makeup done?
We wouldn't dream of letting that happen.

Need someone to cue the bridal party from the back of the church so that they are evenly spaced like some formation out of the NYCBallet for both the rehearsal and actual ceremony?
We're here for you.

Concerned guests will get lost on the way from the ceremony to the reception?

We were shepherds in a previous life.

Don't know where to put the guest book? 
Meet your decorators.

Bought 500 votives and are worried about a fire hazard?

We're well-versed in fire safety (and we love candles).

Worried that your best friend's table assignment will accidentally land her next to her ex-boyfriend  because your Aunt Mildred can't read an excel-formatted seating chart?
We're chart-masters.

Worried someone will walk off with all those cash-stuffed cards at the end of the night?

We'll be your security detail.

Mother-in-Law driving you crazy?
We haven't figured out a long-term fix for this one yet. (Sorry!)

Photography by Susan Baker

Full Event Planning

For the client who needs a helping hand realizing their vision of the perfect wedding, charity event, sweet sixteen, or bar mitzvah; a Celebration Coordination coordinator can be your wing-woman. We have lists of preferred, experienced vendors and the years of experience it takes to build negotiating clout so that we can help you get the best prices on everything from catering to rentals in order to stay under your budget. 

Planning a wedding? So are we. About 30-40, in fact, each year. 

Throwing your daughter a bat mitzvah? Let's make it an event both young and old will enjoy.

Sweet Sixteen? Buy the birthday girl some new cute shoes, we've got the rest covered.

Renewing your vows? Let's talk romantic floral arrangements on a budget.

Prom? We've planned those too, and we understand the equal importance of fun and safety.

Raising money for a charity? We're the experts on working under budget (but not letting it show)

Want a unique venue? We've worked everywhere from the Music Hall of Williamsburg to the Bronx Zoo. Want something dramatic? Let us show you a former church that is now a beautiful event venue for people who love gothic architecture.

Thinking Black Tie? We know a caterer who will do appetizers + four courses with a filet mignon entree for $75 a head instead of the usual $200-350.

Want a backyard BBQ? Your guests will love the passed deviled eggs and slider hors d'oevres. and wait until they taste that roasted pig--life changing.

We know bands in NYC almost as well as we know our own siblings, and we'd be happy to make a recommendation based on your favorite style of music. Or if a DJ is more your speed, we know the difference between DJs who are great for sweet sixteens and those that are great for a wedding.

We'll help you think of all the pinterest-worthy details you might not have thought of on your own, and a few sentimental touches that will make the day truly memorable.

While we don't feed speeches via wireless microphone into the Father of the Brides ear [unless you provide the wireless ear piece], we can help you figure out the flow of events, compile it into an itinerary, distribute it to all your vendors, and then cue everyone for their speech, dance, etc. when the time comes.

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