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Month / Week / Day of Event Coordination

We always charge a $2000 flat rate.

There's no "premium package," hidden fees, overtime or upgrades around this office, just a dedicated coordinator who focuses her efforts on you and your wedding.

What does that mean?

It means unlimited phone and email support up until your wedding day.

It means someone to compile all your vendor info and contracts into one master excel document itinerary and share it with all your vendors.

It means a site walkthrough two weeks before your event to review details.

It means someone to help with your ceremony rehearsal on Friday night, and unlimited hours the day of your wedding. The first to show up and the last to leave, we make sure everything goes as you envisioned it.

(Or better.)

Photography by Chris Leary

​Full Event Planning

Don't have the time, patience or refined taste in table linens needed to confidently plan your event yourself?

Trust us, we've got this one.

For 10% of your event budget (with a minimum rate of $5,000), our team of event planners and preferred vendors can make you feel like a guest at your own party. 

What does that mean?

It means unlimited phone and email support up until the last guest leaves.

It means someone to negotiate vendor contracts with some event-industry clout and connections to help you stay under your budget.

It means years of experience in event planning to help show you the tricks of the trade and to refer you to the best, most trustworthy vendors. 

It means a friend to guide you through the fun parts wedding planning process (picking a venue, choosing your menu) and then someone to take care of all the logistics. 

It means collaborative Pinterest/inspiration boards, personalized recommendations, and a crafting sidekick to help you create all those DIY projects after you've burned yourself with the hot glue gun.

It means an event in your budget, with your taste, without having to worry about all the details. 

Whether you want to just supply the invitation list and then show up, or have a planning partner-in-crime; we're here for you.



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